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Why SkillCred

Helping you compete for top roles across data and analytics!

How many times you felt that the your learning is not enough to crack
that top data role ?

Project Portfolio that no recruiter can say no to!

Work on real work scenarios to help you build confidence and proof of your job-readiness.

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1-1 Mentor support from top data professionals

Feedback, Portfolio review and Mock Interviews with top data professionals to accelerate your data career path.

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Learning Roadmaps

Top content curated into a learning roadmap, so you'll never need to search for resources again.

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Live Learning Camp

After teaching over 15,000 learners we know where a Live session and handholding is needed  :)

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1-on-1 Guidance and support

 1-on-1 review by experts who built the project, your doubts will never go unanswered.

Job Board

Custom-made reports to make great decisions

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Success Stories

Here are the top success stories from over 8500 that we have created in the last 3 years.

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